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Common causes of Hair Loss
Balance and Restore

 Treatment Concept


       We practice the concept of Ayurveda. It is an ancient science of herbal remedies. Ayurvedic science provides cures to the underlying disturbances of function and homeostasis, rather than just the symptoms. Our concept also emphasizes the maintenance of positive physiological, psychological and emotional health.


       Our remedies help for Hair loss, Baldness, Dandruff, Alopecia and other scalp disorders. Herbs, minerals and oils are blended together to control hair loss and rejuvenating scalp for re-growing healthy and shiny hair. When used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise, our remedies provide lasting positive impact on hair without life-long dependency on any steroids or drugs.

Common Causes of Hair Loss:


     In addition to commonly known factors such as water, weather ad heredity, following factors also contribute towards hair loss.


  • Health disorders: Serious illness, surgery and other therapies. Heavy dosage of medication, Thyroid mal-function

  • Emotional imbalances: Excessive stress, depression, trauma and anxiety

  • Lifestyle: Lack of diet or imbalanced diet, excessive Protein intake, sudden weight loss, hyperactive lifestyle, excessive exposure to harsh chemicals and heat

  • Hormonal imbalances: Irregular menstrual cycles, Menopause, excessive intake of birth control pills, histrectonomy. Increased DHT hormone level (prominently among Men) tends to impede the blood supply and circulation to the hair follicles and leading to hair loss.


How does our treatment work?


     With our expertise in Ayurveda and herbal science, we have formulated our products utilizing the pure quality herbs such as Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Shikakai, Brahmi etc. into shampoo, Hair tonic, Oils and other treatment products to overcome hair loss and scalp disorders. Our products also help in reducing DHT levels by invigorating blood circulation near hair follicles.

















Balance and Restore


      We provide free consultation over the phone or in face to face meeting. After carefully understanding client’s hair related disorder, we recommend the most appropriate products which will yield the best results based on clients’ age, health and life style etc. 


       We provide simple, easy to understand treatment schedule for application. 


        With over two decades of experience, we have helped thousands of Men, Women and Children. Even in case of severe most cases of Alopecia areata. Regaining your hair, thus your confidence, shouldn’t have to be financially expensive or compromising health.


       Our treatment is designed to comfortably fit in today’s “on the go” lifestyle.

Examples of common Hair problems: (Before & After Results)

Alopecia Areata Before

Male Pattern Baldness Before

Male Pattern Before


Alopecia Totalis Before


Alopecia Areata After

Alopecia Totalis After

Male Pattern After

Male Pattern Baldness After

Male Pattern Thinning Before

Male Pattern Thinning After

Female Thinning Before

Female Thinning After

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