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About Us

     It could have happened to anyone - severe hair loss, but to Ms. Neeta it was a turning point in her life - a turn that became complete from an early embarrassment to a great success.

     In 1984, Ms. Neeta found an excellent solution for her own hair loss and founded Neeta's Herbal. In 1996, Mrs. Neeta and Ms. Ela Muni decided to bring the herbal remedies to USA, which had already helped thousands of clients in Asia.

     Inspired by her elder sister, Neeta, Ms. Ela decided to pursue her education and earned her Doctor degree in Naturopathy from USA.

     Today, Ms. Ela is a leading expert on hair loss prevention through herbal remedies and has published articles on hair care and hair loss prevention. She has helped thousands of clients over the last 20 years. 

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Ela Muni

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