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Dear Ms. Ela: 


Since I am not knowledgeable about Ayurvedic herbs, I was always skeptical about the use and benefits of any herbal products. However, after trying over the counter Minoxidil based products for several years in futility, I decided to give a chance to Neeta’s Herbal products in last 6 months to treat my receding hair line (typical male pattern baldness) and regrow hair.
I must admit that I have seen reduction in hair fall and improvement in overall Hair density on my scalp. Your products are easy to use and experienced no side effects what so ever. 
Very frankly, I am very happy with the results and been recommending your products to my other friends who are suffering from hair loss at younger age. As a former user of various hair loss remedies available, I see much better value in using your products compared to what is out there in the market place.


Thank you so much for your guidance over last six months!

Pl. keep up the good work!
S. Allen Of CA (Male ,Age 27)


Dear Dr. Ela Muni

Thank you for your herbal products - shampoo, oil, and hair tonic which worked wonders to stop my falling hair. My concern is now over and I am fully satisfied with the performance of your products. I will certainly recommend your products to our relatives and friends.

Best regards,
Ms. Khan OF NY (Female, Age 42)


Hi, this is B Kaur,  


Neeta's Hair Tonic is a great product. My hair was falling out a lot and I was really sad. One day while watching TV, I saw Neeta's Herbal ad. I decided to call right away.  Upon a through consultation I was recommended to use the Hair Tonic. 

I used the Hair Tonic for three weeks and noticed a good difference.  My hair has started to grow and the hair loss stopped. 


Thank you so much Neeta's Herbal
B Kaur, MI


Dear Dimple:


Neetas Herbal treatment for Alopecia was only, perfect treatment in treating my both sons suffering from Alopecia (Bald patch). I am very satisfied with the results.


Thank you!

G. M Of So. CA


Hello Ms. Ela Muni:


I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in May 2009.  I am only 20
years old.  I was really scared because I lost 85% of the hair on my
scalp.  I was really scared that I was going to lose all of my hair on
my scalp.  I was on treatment from my dermatologist for 2 months and
none of the hair was growing back.  Just then, a family friend
recommended me to use Neeta's Herbal.  I am the kind of person that
only uses drugs from the pharmacy, but I thought that this could work
because nothing else was working. When I started to use the products
of Neeta's Herbal, I started to see results in 2 week.  So far it has
only been 4 weeks and I have grown most of my hair back.  I would
recommend the products of Neeta's Herbal to anyone and now I am more
open to alternative medicine.  This is an amazing product and results
are fast and reliable. 


Thank you.
M. Patel


Respected Ms. Muni,

I would like to say a big thank you and your treatment. My husband has fully recovered from alopecia. Your service and products are great.


Hi Ms. Ela,

I am extremely satisfied with the Neeta’s Herbal hair treatment.  I am 50 and have been using Neeta’s herbal product for five months, and I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone regardless of their age.



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