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Fighting Hair Loss 


By Ela Muni,  N.D,  Neeta’s Herbal


Is your hair loss causing you stress or is stress causing your hair loss ?


                Hair is the most versatile and permanent accessory,  Well, just look at this way, we comb, curl, straighten it, spending hours at hair salon or in front of the mirror or even swoop hair over balding area and paste it down with gel or hair spray, just to get the  “right look”.  When we do, we feel terrific!  Almost all the time, to get the “right look”, we rely on chemicals for hair coloring, or hair dyes, hair straightening, perming, bleaching, highlighting/tinting, which can contribute hair loss, breakage and damage, if they are over used or used incorrectly.   Excessive usage of hair styling product, or heat styling such as blow –drying, flat-iron, hot combs are major contributors as well.  All these contributors have been read and heard many times.  But, can we stop? I am sure for most of us this will be difficult.


                 Hair loss is also contributed by various factors such as insufficient protein or iron in your diet  or poor nourishment overall can cause you to experience hair loss.  For crash-dieters, be careful  as hairline sometimes recede along with waistline.  Abrupt changes in nutrition can also disrupt the hair growth cycle.  


                 Hormonal problems may contribute hair loss.  If your Thyroid gland is overactive or under active, or hormonal changes after child delivery, high- concentration of DHT in hair follicle can also contribute hair loss.  Scalp infections, such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and others do also contribute to hair loss.


                Many men and women desire maintaning healthy, thick and strong hair.  Gentle handling of the hair is the key to achieving this.  Wash hair with shampoo regularly to avoid product build up . Protect hair with products design to restore moisture back into the hair shaft. 


                Shampoos, tonics, and ointments made with oils and herbs such as Bhringraj,  Amla, Haritaki, Jatamansi, Bhrami, and more  are used to control hair loss, increase blood circulation, provide hair follicle with more nutrients. These ingredients also have specific curative properties, which are the best remedies for hair loss. 


                Regular scalp massage with herbal oils stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair fall. Using relaxing technique such as yoga and exercise to over come stress , anxiety and sleeplessness. Eating healthy ,proper nutrient responses to preventing hair loss and beneficial for your health all round.


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