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1. How effective is your treatment?


Our treatment has proved extremely effective in many cases of hair disorders. The effectiveness of the treatment and its success is very much dependent on the patient's attitude and his determination to stick to the application regime and follow-up.


2. How long will it take to see the results?


In many cases results could be seen as early as 2 weeks but a real significant result usually can be seen only after 1-3 months.


3. What are the signs the treatment is working?


The indications that point to a positive hair growth is :

  • The reduction on the total number of hair falling per day 

  • Observation of new fine hair growth throughout the scalp

  • Scalp is mildly irritated and itches slightly due to increased hair follicle activity

  • General improvement of scalp condition such as a general reduction in flaking, dryness of scalp, dandruff, eczema etc.


4. What guarantee is there that your treatment will work on me?


There is no Guarantee that our treatment would work on you. Hair loss is caused by many factors such as illness, medication, sudden shock, prolonged abnormally high stress levels, pregnancy, environment, pollution, diet, lifestyle influences and many more. These factors can afflict one at any time thus inducing hair loss even when one is undergoing a treatment with us. A positive attitude in a patient undergoing our treatment is one of the most critical factors in achieving the desired hair growth.


5. What is the difference with your products and the products selling in the market?


Our Products have been made from the finest herbal ingredients and have been proven effective by clinical tests and from market feedback ever since its launch 25 years ago.


6. What products do you recommend for me to use once I complete the treatment?


Once a desired result is achieved, we would, if required recommend using some basic maintenance products, such our Herbal Shampoos, Hair Oil, Hair Tonic and Hair Cream


7. After this treatment is over do I need to continue this treatment again?


Once the desired results are achieved, there is no need to continue the full treatment again. One could opt to continue using our hair maintenance products regularly.


8. Is this the only treatment package you have?


This is the only treatment package we have which was developed 25 years ago and used by customers worldwide. This package can be varied to suit different scalp disorders.


9. How can you identify or know the specific problem that the client is facing just by looking at the scalp with your naked eyes?


Our consultants are trained to derive diagnostic conclusions based on detailed observation of the scalp and the hair. They have been trained to look at the scalp to see-tale signs that reflect the scalp conditions. Basically most of the hair problems such as psoriasis, fungus infection, dryness of the scalp, eczema or even extinct or dormant hair follicles can be easily identified by a trained consultant just looking at the scalp.


10. Is there any side effects?


There is absolutely no direct side effects associated with our products and can be used as often as possible. In the case of a person suffering from health related problems such as allergies, caution is recommended.


11. Do you have any testimonies or photographs on results of your treatment?


We have many testimonies and photographs; a few of these are made available for viewing online. We are unable to publish many more due to reasons of confidentiality.


12. Is there a refund on my money if I'm not satisfied with the treatment?


We do not refund any payment made, if treatment has commenced. We do entertain part-refunds where customer has genuine reasons to abstain from the treatment and return the unused products.


13. Are we required to undergo a strict dietary regime?


No, you don't. Dietary changes would definitely have a positively significant impact on the final results. One of the critical dietary requirements would be to consume large quantities of water (about 8-12 glasses daily) and to minimize or avoid fried and oily food. A diet, high in vegetables and fruits, is recommended.

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